Rafael Cañizares

Rafael Cañizares was born in Las Mesas (Cuenca) in 1967. Like his two partners, he also coincides with the four generations of his family who precede him, except in this case, Rafael chose enology: creating wines with character and an indigenous stamp. It was he who encouraged this union with the other two great viticulturists.

Alejandro Pérez

Alejandro Pérez was born in El Maña – a small village of Monover (Alicante) – in 1969. Four generations before him have worked and made their living from wine-making. Looking after the vineyard and listening to its needs so that it brings forth the awaited results is something that he carries in his blood.

Miguel Arroyo

Miguel Arroyo was born in Medina del Campo in 1975 in the heart of the Denomination of Origin Rueda. He is the fourth generation in a family of wine-makers who more than one hundred years ago pledged their commitment to the verdejo variety at the foot of the Segovian mountains. Miguel, now more than a decade ago, was the one who took over the task of bottling the family verdejo.